Thursday, July 17, 2014

Amelia turns 9!

We celebrated Amelia's birthday at home a few days early since we would be at Disneyland on her actual birthday (which seemed like a pretty amazing celebration in itself). She opened a few gifts, including a new bike which she was super excited about. She had requested a chocolate pie with marshmallows and churros for her birthday cake. I convinced her to save the churro part for Disneyland and just made a chocolate marshmallow pie.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

saturday outing part 3: yards park

The best part of our D.C. visit was seeing so many friends. We gathered a big group together and met up at Yards Park, one of our favorite spots, for a dinner picnic. It actually ended up being a gorgeous evening with no humidity and pleasant temperatures. It was almost too chilly for the fountains but it didn't stop the kids and they had a blast playing in the water. I didn't get pictures of all the kids, or any of the adults, but we had an awesome group of friends there. Perfect end to a fun day in D.C.

We got to visit our old Ward on Sunday and see many more friends which was so fun. And also a little sad since we realized how many great friends we miss. Kirsten made a killer dinner for a Father's Day feast and after stuffing ourselves silly, we dragged the kids away from their friends and had a quiet drive home with exhausted, sleeping children.

Monday, July 14, 2014

saturday outing part 2: hillwood

On a whim we decided to visit Hillwood, the estate of Marjorie Merriweather Post. It was such a gorgeous day, perfect for some gardens. I had taken the girls there last summer for the French Festival but Ben had never been. The gardens there are beautiful and it's fun to tour her mansion and see her various art collections. There was also a fun Cartier exhibit going on. Ben took Elsa through the house first while I explored the gardens with the others and then I went through the house with Elsa, Amelia, and Abi (Elsa wanted to see it again). (We didn't want to attempt to take Oliver and Simon in the house or into the Cartier exhibit.) It was really fun to walk through the house with the girls. They were loving all of Marjorie's fancy collections and picking out their favorites while imagining themselves living in her house. They loved seeing all of the fancy Cartier gems too.

Admiring her pink bathroom.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

saturday outing part 1: national mall + museums

We started our day downtown. Abi joined us for the day which made Amelia very happy. The kids loved playing on the grass on the Mall as we walked to the National Gallery of Art. The Andrew Wyeth exhibit was fantastic. His paintings of windows were beautiful. We got a quick look at the Degas/Cassatt exhibit. But then I remembered that people in D.C. hate children. How dare we bring five! children into an art museum. Despite their good behavior, we still got lots of dirty looks. Apparently art museums are like funeral homes?

 Too bright!

 This new, lush grass on the mall was just asking for cartwheels.

The I. M. Pei pyramids at the National Gallery are always fun.

 Highlight for the kids. The moving walkway between the East and West buildings.

 These old phone booths next to the restrooms were also a big hit.

 We walked past the National Museum of the American Indian.

Burgers and shakes at Good Stuff for lunch. Yum!


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